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Year-End Food & Faith Celebration April 15th

From fall Food & Faith Celebration Dec 2012

Fall Food & Faith Celebration Dec 2012

It is that time of the year! While classes wind down our time together for this school year winds down as well. It has been an exciting year, and we would like to celebrate it with the celebration of an agape meal on Monday, April 15th.

This is going to be a special celebration for a couple of reasons. First, it marks the end of successful campus ministry year. Second, it is a celebration of thanksgiving and gratitude. We are grateful for your participation in the group and the club executive. Yet, we also must thanks to Caroline Penhale, the Campus Minister, who is moving to Saskatchewan and finishing up at the end of the month. This will be a celebration of Caroline’s dedication to Campus Ministry and the Food & Faith Community, which we are all very grateful for.

We will share a meal, time for prayer, as well as share some contemplative time with chants and scripture, culminating in the celebration of Holy Communion which will be presided over by Ed Searcy, congregational minister at University Hill Congregation. It will take place at the usual time (5:45pm) at the Chapel of the Epiphany (6030 Chancellor Boulevard).

Reminder: Monday Night Meal on April 1, Easter Vigil Tonight

Holy Saturday, Jesus Laid in the Tomb

Holy Saturday, Jesus Laid in the Tomb

This is just a reminder that we will be meeting as per usual on Monday, April 1st for our Monday Night Meal, even though it is a school holiday. It will be a good time to share eachother’s company and reflect on the Easter season together. We’ll be gathering at our usual time of 5:45pm on 3M of the Iona building (6000 Iona Drive). Once again feel free to drop by even if you can stay for part of the study or only have enough time to grab food.

And, also a reminder that since today is Holy Saturday tonight is the Easter Vigil service. It is my (Ryan’s) favorite service of the year because we carry the light into the chapel and move through the whole sacred story from Genesis to Revelation and celebrate the resurrection in the midst of the quiet uncertainty of Holy Saturday. We also sing and share Holy Communion. It is at 9:00pm in the Chapel of the Epiphany (6030 Chancellor Blvd). Then, we celebrate the full-blown resurrection of Jesus on Sunday at 10:30.

Peace to everyone on Holy Saturday through the eternal hope that Sunday brings.

Holy Week and Easter Services on Campus

Wilhelm Morgener, "The Liturgy of the Palms," 1912

Wilhelm Morgner, “The Liturgy of the Palms,” 1912

University Hill Congregation, partner of United Church Campus Ministry holds a variety of Holy Week services each year. Through Holy Week, we trace the story of Jesus from his triumphant entry into Jerusalem, his Last Supper on Maundy Thursday, his betrayal and crucifixion on Good Friday to the triumph of the resurrection in the Easter Vigil and on Easter Sunday. All are invited to take part in the drama of God’s love in Jesus Christ–a love that is stronger than death.

Sunday, March 24 at 10:30 am
Palm/Passion Sunday

We begin Holy Week by retelling the story of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem as he is surrounded by the shouts of “Hosanna” and the waving of palm branches. Then we look ahead to the events of the week as we experience the story of Jesus’ journey to the Cross as it is told in a cantata offered by The Singers.

Maundy Thursday, March 28
At 6:00 pm we gather for a pot-luck supper. This communal meal reminds us of the evening when Jesus gathers with his disciples for the Last Supper. At 7:00 pm we participate in a ritual of foot-washing as we recall Jesus’ washing his disciples feet and giving a new commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you” (in Latin the words “new commandment” are translated “maundatum novum” and so the day is called “Maundy Thursday”). The dinner and foot-washing are especially suitable for children’s participation.

At 8:30 pm we gather for a Tenebrae service. Characterized by beautiful music, dark shadows, and reflective silences, Tenebrae (literally meaning “darkness”) has for a millennium been a time for deep engagement with the Passion story — the betrayal, trial, and crucifixion of Jesus. Conducted in as near-darkness as possible, fifteen candles are slowly extinguished as the story is read, culminating in the reading of the Miserere (Psalm 51). Classical music lovers will know the mood of the Tenebrae from Allegri’s Miserere, performed solely during Holy Week at the Vatican until the twelve year old Mozart attended a service, memorized the music, and transcribed it for the world.

Good Friday, March 29 at 10:30 am
We gather to mark the crux of our life as Christians – the crucifixion of Jesus Christ in which we discover God’s steadfast, sacrificial love for all people. On this occasion we traditionally share the worship service with the people of St. Anselm’s Anglican Church. This year we will worship on Good Friday at St. Anselm’s. Roberta Fraser of St. Anselm’s will preside and Ed Searcy of University Hill will preach.

Holy Saturday, March 30 at 9 pm –
Easter Vigil – This ancient service celebrates the triumph of life over death, of light over darkness, of God’s goodness over evil. It begins outside with the lighting of the Easter fire and, from it, the Easter candle. The service then moves into the Chapel and carries us – with readings and songs – through the story of the Bible to the good news of the Resurrection. There is an opportunity for those present to participate in the renewal of baptismal vows and in the sacrament of Communion.

Easter Sunday, March 31 at 10:30 –
On Easter Sunday morning we re-arrange our seating in the Chapel so that we are gathered around the communion table in a great festival of rejoicing. We tell the story of the Resurrection in word and song and we experience the risen Christ’s presence through the sacrament of Communion.

Church Crawl to 10th Avenue Alliance This Sunday

TenthAs part of our ongoing “Church Crawl” series where we are able to explore and experience different congregations and traditions within the Christian family, this Sunday Patrick will be leading a trip to 10th Avenue Alliance Church for their evening service the “3rd Service.” Here’s how it is described on their website:

The 3rd Service began in September 2007 as a Sunday evening worship gathering at Tenth Church. While the sermon and speaker are identical to the morning services, the 3rd Service has a distinct culture. The community, which is predominately young adults, is passionate and creative in its worship and accepting in its posture towards all who attend. While the 3rd Service shares the values of Tenth Church, from its inception this colourful community has embraced the arts, social justice, and spontaneous movements of the Spirit during Sunday gatherings. The 3rd Service serves a unique role in Vancouver as it is known as a place where people who serve in other church communities during the morning can come and connect with God through the expressive worship and inspiring teaching. The vibrancy of this community can be seen on the first Sunday of the month where people are encouraged to express their worship through painting, the worship band experiments with a variety of instruments, and the communion bread is freshly baked by volunteers before the service.

The service is at 6:30pm. Caroline is able to provide a ride for 3 people. Please contact Patrick at patrickfuller72@gmail.com if you wish to go and also if you need a ride.

Follow Up on Psalms of Vengeance

Thanks to everyone for coming out to our meal last where we discussed Psalm 58 and Psalm 137, two of the so-called “psalms of vengeance.” If you missed it, here are a few lines:

The righteous will rejoice when they see vengeance done;
they will bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked.
People will say, ‘Surely there is a reward for the righteous;
surely there is a God who judges on earth.’


O daughter Babylon, you devastator!
Happy shall they be who pay you back
what you have done to us!
Happy shall they be who take your little ones
and dash them against the rock!

Tough texts to speak aloud, to say the least! Here’s a really insightful interpretation by Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann that we shared as part of the evening that brings new life and interesting possibilities for these texts:

Psalms of Vengeance on March 18th

Cover image for "the Spirituality of the Psalms"

Cover image for “the Spirituality of the Psalms”

This coming Monday we will be meeting as usual. However, we will be looking at some unique scripture texts, also known as psalms of “vengeance” or “imprecatory” psalms. These are not easy texts to wrestle with, as they often involve very violent imagery and the psalmist often calls on God to commit acts of violence against enemies. These psalms are normally omitted from the regular lectionary (weekly scripture readings read in worship) on this account. In them we are confronted with violence in scripture, but also the violence within our own selves and God’s relationship to our violence and the violence of scripture. Can we still pray psalms like this?

We’ll gather as usual on 3M of the Iona building beginning at 5:45pm. And as usual, we’ll share a meal, prayer, share eachother’s company and host these less-than-easy guests from scripture.

If you can’t make it for the whole evening, feel free to come just for the study or just for some food, and if you have to run feel free to grab some food and head home. And, as usual, all are invited, bring a friend–or an enemy, even!

Speaker for March 21st Canceled

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel our final speaker If Christ Lives in Us… speaker series, Emily Jarrett on “Contemplative Practice and the Stress of Student Life” due to a cancellation. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and invite you keep checking back for future events, or consider getting involved with us in a number of different ways.

Monday March 11: Election and Bring Your Pencil Crayons!

"Moses," Ceramic by Marc Chagall

“Moses,” Ceramic by Marc Chagall

This Monday, March 11th we will both be sharing our time together with prayer, scripture and food, we will also sort out some of the more utilitarian aspects of our life together with our club election. Follow this link to find out more about the club election and the positions that you can run for.

In terms of our regular bible study please bring pencil crayons if you have them because we will be doing some close readings of the text. Using pencil crayons to mark patterns, plots and textual themes helps us “see” the text and understand it better for interpretation. The text will be Deuteronomy 26:1-13. Don’t bother bringing the neon yellow!

As usual, we meet beginning at 5:45pm on 3M of the Iona building. If you aren’t able to make it to the whole study, please feel free to stop by for however long you can be with us, or even just to grab some soup and run!

Club Elections on March 11th

UBC Alma Mater Society Logo

UBC Alma Mater Society Logo

It is getting to be that time of the year–club election season. As per the Alma Mater Society’s bylaws, we have to hold elections prior to March 15th of this year. This will also function as our annual meeting which we will be accepting the new club revised club constitution with the official name change. We will be voting on the following positions:

1) President – (Currently Patrick Fuller, who will be running for re-election)
-The club president is responsible for: a) Acting as a liaison with the Student Administrative Commission, and b) Calling general meetings
2) Vice-President – (currently Jessica van Kampen)
-The vice-president’s responsibilities are currently undefined, but involve acting as president in the event that the president is unable to do so
3) Treasurer – (Currently Simon Luc Noel)
-The club treasurer’s responsibilities are to: a) act as liaison to the Finance Commission, b) act as one of the two booking representatives for the club, and c) act as the sole signing officer of the club.
4) Communications Representative – (New Position)
-Role currently undefined

As you can see, we are adding an additional fourth position, that of Communications Representative. We feel that communicating our group and events to the wider campus community is one of our growing edges, and that this position might involve coordinating our efforts for Clubs Week as well as getting our advertisements out. If maintaining the website and social media interests you, this can be a possibility as well.

All club members are free to run for any one of these positions. We will hold the election before we each on Monday March 11th as part of our regular Monday Night Meal. If you are not already a member of the club we will have the club sign-up sheet for you to become a member. It is best to have our nominees in before the election date (March 11th). Please email foodandfaithubc (at) gmail (dot) com with your interest as soon as you can. Nominations can happen during the election if need be.